Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#TeachersWrite Day Two

Day Two Lesson/Prompt

Having a family member move away especially when your a kid is very difficult.  I thought about how I felt when that happened to me and did my best to put the emotions I had into this scene even though it's with adults.

“You must go,” Benjamin whispers into his wife’s ear as they stand in front of the Peter Pan bus terminal in Providence.
As the dark clouds hovering above release its torrential rainfall, tears run down Lorraine’s face.  Press against Ben's chest, her entire body shakes with the fear of the unknown and the raw fall wind.  Her vocal cords refuse to work.  There are so many words she wants to say.  So many things they have yet to do.  She knows it isn't safe for her to stay.  Benjamin had gotten himself in over his head this time.  When he told her he was getting his own fishing boat because he didn’t want to work under any man, her instincts told her that it wasn’t the right decision.  And now because of it, she is standing here saying goodbye to her true love and the father of their soon-to-be child.
            “You must go, now,” Ben whispers again.  This time he pushes her body away from him and towards the waiting green bus. 
            All Lorraine can do is shake her head in agreement and walk towards the open door.  As she climbs the first step, Ben places her silver metal suitcase into the bottom storage area of the bus. 
            Lorraine spins her head over her shoulder.  "BEN!"
            Ben runs to her and hugs her at her waist while she leans down into him.  “It’s okay.  I’ll be okay.  You’ll be okay.   I’ll come for you when it’s safe.”
As they kiss, they lose all aspects of time and place until the bus driver speaks. “I’m sorry, but we need to leave.”

Lorraine lets go of Ben and climbs the rest of the stairs.  While standing in the rain, Ben’s eyes follow her through each window until she arrives at her seat.  Looking out of the window, she wipes away her tears and savors every aspect of his face and body for she knows she will never see him again.

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