Thursday, July 10, 2014

#TeachersWrite Day Three

Day Three Prompt/Lesson

Main Characters of my work-in-progess story entitled The Letter:

Benjamin (Ben):  integrity to wife; pressure; love; wants what's best; hard worker; sincere; sorry; in over my head; bad decision; regret; will make it right; tough decisions; felt she was better off without me; wants to apologize; wants daughter part of his life; fishing is my life; don't know how to do anything else; quit school;

Lorraine:  in love; naive; disappointed; how could he have done this; trust issues; hates dishonesty; learns to be independent and strong; my high school sweetheart; small town girl; work in diner; okay with being home with kid(s); being Ben's wife is all I want and living my life with him;

Sarah:  independent; caring; sweet; helpful; loves parents deeply; trust; college bound; wants a better life than parents; looks at the good side of everyone and everything; feels blessed for all her parents have given her; appreciative; sticks up for herself especially with men; not a feminist but believes in girl power;

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