Friday, July 11, 2014

#TeachersWrite Day Four

Day Four Lesson/Prompt

     Lorraine scrubs the pan stuck with rice with extreme focus like she's an eye doctor doing cataract surgery. To this day, she still always burns rice into the bottom of the pan. Using her forearm to wipe the summer heat from her forehead, she glances out the small window that sits over the stainless steel sink. Squinting her eyes, she tries to make out what seems to be a shadow in the backyard, but it’s too dark. “Ben, when are you going to fix the flood light outside?”

     “What Lorraine?” Cal calls over the television blaring commercials.

     “The flood light! When will you finally fix it? It’s been months.” 

     “It’s on my honey do list!” Ben shouts.

     Lorraine sighs just as the sliding glass door shatters to pieces. A large rock lands on the tile floor. “BEN!” screams Lorraine as she ducks and runs out of the kitchen. 
     Ben races towards the kitchen and almost collides with Lorraine. Ben grabs her and puts her behind himself as the continue into the bathroom that sits just off the kitchen.

     “Ben, call the police, ” Lorraine forces out from deep within her shaking body.

     “Shhhh, I’ll take care of it. Just stay in here and be quiet,” Ben says as he closes over the bathroom door. 

     Ben sees the rock lying under the small, circular kitchen table.  He notices that it has a white paper attached to it under a rubber band. He looks out the gaping hole of the door into the backyard, but he can’t see a thing. He mutters frustration to himself about not fixing the floodlight earlier. He plucks the note from the rock. It is typed and says:

“Once you’re in, you can never leave. 
Next time, we won’t miss your wife’s head.”

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