Sunday, August 4, 2013

Before the "Teach Like a Pirate" book, I discovered Edmodo

What teacher in his/her right mind, is thinking, planning and excited for the next school year in the last two weeks of school?  I'm definitely not in my right mind.  This was me when I discovered Edmodo.  I couldn't believe with all the technology classes and research I've done that I didn't know about this site.

My excitement spilled over into an offer of a fun summer school to my soon-to-be former students and showing them about Edmodo.  I was amazed that I could upload a video and mp3 that I created (up to 100 mb) and could actually share it with the students.

Being in 7th grade, I like to put as much ownership on the students to do what they need to do for their learning.  I have always posted their homework on my team website that I created (, but I can't grade it on there nor award badges.  I feel this will be very helpful for when students are absent or want to work at their own pace.

Badges that are not just for girl scouts!  My summer students are loving the badges.  I am, too! I love giving them, getting them from other teachers and creating them.

I love all the learning game apps, too.  My students love Minecraft and earning free time to play it.  I think it's hilarious that they want to play a game where graphics are so low tech that it makes the first Atari look awesome.  I'm hoping to transfer that love over to loving the learning apps.

Here are some great articles about the power of game-based learning.

On August 7th Edmodo is hosting Edmodocon.  I'm excited to see what new ideas this will bring me.

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