Monday, September 29, 2014

International Literacy Day

We celebrated International Literacy Day by pledging 60 days for 60 seconds of literacy.  Each morning during our announcements, we are using the 60 seconds to create contests for the students.

For the first two weeks, I wrote blurbs about authors and students had to make a guess on who the author was.

For the third and fourth weeks, I read aloud from the beginning of books.  Students had to guess the book and author to win the raffle.

For the fifth and sixth weeks, I will read aloud 3 to 5 Book Tweets (Download them from free at my TPT site) each day.  On the first day, I will share my own.  If a student's tweet is chosen, they will get a prize.

For the seventh and eighth weeks, I will give a jumble of letters and the students will have to unscramble them to get the title.  Those who have the correct answer will get a chance at our daily raffle.

For the final month, the reading teachers for the school are coming up with even more ideas.  I will add to this post once they have shared the ideas with me.

You can download International Reading Association's entire activity kit with even more ideas.

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