Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fear Factor 2 - Brussels Sprouts

Just the name Brussels Sprouts grossed out most of my students.  To entice volunteer eaters, I created another Animoto Fear Factor video.  This time they were only told that the reward for the winner was the dessert that the character gets in the story.

The trick that they didn't know was the dessert isn't told until the last sentence of the story.  Yet, I had many eager volunteers to eat 5 sprouts.


The Dessert
It was custard that Andy, the main character received but hated, but I wanted them to see how delicious it was.  This is the signature fruit tart from Pastiche on Federal Hill in Providence.

Before writing personal narratives, we read three stories each with a different focus.

1.  Brussels Sprouts by Andy Griffiths - It is the first chapter in his book Just Disgusting.  We focus on plot and all it's parts to make a story that keeps your attention and builds wonderment up to the climax.

2.  Seventh Grade by Gary Soto - We have this in our Literature textbooks.  The focus is on the timeline of events.

3.  Squid Girl by Todd Strasser - It is a short story from the book, 13 edited by James Howe.  The focus is on sensory details.

Using this foldable, students in small groups read and look for each of the key parts that are the focus for the particular story.

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