Thursday, December 5, 2013

Japanese Internment Camps

Since 90% of Americans do no know about the Japanese Internment Camps, I knew my students would not any different.  To help set the scene and time for the upcoming text, "Baseball Saved Us" by Ken Mochizuki, we shared information about the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  I told them the about Sadako and the Japanese legend that making 1000 paper cranes will grant you one wish.  In order for them to understand how Sadako while in the hospital dying of cancer made 664 cranes, I had each student make their own origami crane.

At Hobby Lobby, I picked up a package of 100 pieces of origami paper for under $10.  I used the directions and video from the International Crane Foundation to teach the students how to make a paper crane.

While making them students did have difficulty.  Many students couldn't imagine how she made that many when they had trouble just making one.  All the students were successful in making one.  I punched a hole in the tails and strung them on a string to hang them from the ceiling in the classroom.

We continued to use the Notice and Note Signposts.

Again and Again
  • word "camp"
  • guard constantly watching them
  • sun glinting off the guard's glasses
  • two strike outs and then the home run

Memory Moment
  • students bullying him all because of "Pearl Harbor"
  • quickly leaving their house and throwing away most of their things
  • not going to the bathroom alone but with a group

Tough Question
  • Why are we here?

Aha Moment
  • No one on the team or in the crowd looks like me

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